Our Story

Memod is a sustainable lifestyle brand, working with a collective of women artisans to create beautiful accessories, home textiles, and natural beauty products. Our goods are vegan-friendly and ethically sourced, with the hopes to inspire other people to live sustainably and happily!

Handmade with love and attention to detail, each product is unique to the woman who made it. At Memod, we offer a choice to mass-produced and untraceable goods while encouraging everyone to make sustainable choices.

Our Mission and Values

Memod exists to encourage a conscious living while connecting you to the makers behind each of our products. The name Memod is a combination of the english word "me" and "mode", the french word for fashion. We, as a brand, want to inspire sustainable living choices that explore the joys of individual self expression, and a style that fits what you want to see! Authenticity, Sustainability, and Female Empowerment are the values we stand for.

Our high-quality goods are carefully crafted by hand using traditional techniques. Each of our pieces are authentic and truly tell a story; the story of each woman behind the product. The beauty of our unique goods is reflected in both the details and the imperfections. It is this balance and personalized quality that makes our products so special and helps to connect you with women all over the world. We really hope that you can see and feel the difference in making this sustainable choice!

We believe wholeheartedly in sustainability, and playing our part in protecting mother nature is important to us. We are able to do so by taking a less is more approach. By offering 100% cotton products made to last, our textile items are both a great fashion statement and home decor staple. 

Memod is committed to empowering women all over the world. Through working with women cooperatives to make our handcrafted goods, we are contributing to job creation while ensuring fair and transparent working conditions for all. Being a primarily women run business, it is important to showcase the strength and beauty of both the women making the products and the people supporting us!

Memod Story